System with a central role in the chronically ill pacient, so that he feels more monitored and feels the benefits of monitoring his health for health professionals. Creating a collaborative environment for sharing information between doctor and user with control mechanisms that allow a more active involvement and participation of the user in the prevention of disease.

Global Objectives of the Project:

- Operationalizing the concept of eHealth through a web platform;

- Focus on disease prevention with information sharing between health professionals, fostering a more proactive involvement of the user;

- Providing an online service georeferenced and regular monitoring of the wearer, interoperable with existing solutions in healthcare facilities;

- Implementation of automatic mechanisms for collection, large-scale measurements on multiple clinical parameters;

- Integration of data collected from a heterogeneous network of sensors in formal settings and non-formal, with processing and analysis of data for each chronically ill;

-Provision of new health services without additional inputs, therefore reducing costs;