Workshop no Global Health Conference 2013 em Lisboa platform: your ecosystem of applications and ICT services for health and quality of life

In collaboration with Global Health Conference 2013, the Tice.Healthy project is organizing a workshop to be held on November 20th 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The objective of the workshop is to present the advantages, both technical and economic, that the platform provides to the different stakeholders and engage with the audience in a constructive discussion about the exploitation opportunities and potential barriers. Also potential collaboration with external parties will be explored during this session.

The workshop will provide also perspectives from different areas where the platform can be used and provide a service and application ecosystem. The caregiver perspective will show how the platform can support them and help to provide services for healthy ageing to their clients. The Developing countries perspective will show that such an open platform can also be used to provide a service infrastructure to support areas or municipalities, with currently fewer infrastructures and services for their citizens available.

The third part of the workshop will go in more technical detail and will show the first steps and the process of application and service development, with reusing the common component infrastructure (security features, the PHR (personal health record), user authentication etc.). This part will also explain how the services can be deployed and provided to the end user. The workshop should also encourage developers and service providers to use the platform and think about applications which can contribute to the overall service ecosystem.

The Workshop is free of charge and primarily intended for participants of Global Health Conference 2013 (you need to register separately for Global Health Conference 2013, here).


The motivation of the platform and the projects is a faster, more individual and high quality service supply to the end users and demands.

The platform developed in the TICE.Healthy project provides the infrastructure and support for an ecosystem of smart and innovative ICT services, applications and products for the Health and Aging Well market and beyond.

It supports the developers and the solution providers with basic platform services and functionality like different tools as well as security functionality, authentication mechanisms, a standard conform user data handling inside the platform (PHR – personal health record), flexible sensor integration and many more.

The platform helps to create an ecosystem of interoperable hardware and software products with greater joint service benefit for the end user; individual designed and tailored as well as situational functioning.

And it takes over and is handling the complexity of coordinating numerous partial solutions from the service providers as well the end users.




Title: platform: your ecosystem of applications and ICT services for health and quality of life

Agenda outline:

Beginning at 13h45

I) Overview of the platform and business ideas for an ecosystem of smart and innovative ICT services, applications and products for the Health and Aging Well market. (45 min) platform - general aspects (João Quintas – Project Manager of the Tice.Healthy project / Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN) platform - business models (António Cunha – Vice director of Laboratory for Automation / Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN) platform in the context of national and European health strategies (José Carlos Nascimento - Universidade do Minho)

II) Successful case studies and applications using the platform (30 min)

The Caregiver perspective

Developing Countries perspective


III) How to develop and deploy services for the platform

This part will be a hands-on workshop addressing more directly developers, deployers and service providers. Technical concepts will presented in more detail and the process of developing and deploying applications for the platform will be explained. - (Miguel Machado - Software Engineer of Tice.Healthy project / Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN) (90 min) 

End at 17h30